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His RTW Packing List

OUTERWEAR Outdoor Research Rain Jacket Patagonia Down Jacket Marmot Fleece UNDERCLOTHES 8 uniqlo underwear 1 long wool sock 1 think long wool socks 2 athletic socks 1 short wool socks 1 gaiter 1 icebreaker base layer bottoms BOTTOMS 1 sleep/workout adidas short 1 nice pants 1 jeans (focused on a light pair but didnt check the stretch.  Make sure you can walk and climb in them) 1 Colombia hiking pant 1 striped trunks 1 Northface workout pants TOPS 1 Barcelona jersey 1 workout/sleep shirt- Austin 1/2 marathon 3 Gap tshirts 1 long sleeve henley  2 button down SHOES Aldo boots – nice evenings and light city walking Merrel hiking boots Sturdy flip flops Adidas turf shoes – hoping for some pickup games ACCESORIES 1 belt Wedding ring Sunglasses Reading Glasses Garmin Fenix 3 (GPS and trail tracking features have save us so much stress when wandering the streets)  I purchased the Fenix 3 due to its advances in GPS technology. The navigation on this watch is divine and takes but a few minutes to locate …

RTW Travel Packing

One of our favorite parts of planning this trip was figuring out how to fit our “home” into 2 small packs each. We researched extensively and stalked sports and outdoor-ware sites starting a year out. In fact, the packing was considered so complete we landed in Ecuador without some essentials (noted in the lists). Topics to look up if you want to do something similar – capsule wardrobes, merino wool and basics for backpacking/hostel travel. It is worth noting that we spent most of our first layover contemplating what we could throw out of these packs. At 40 and 44l,  only about 23lbs each they still get heavy and bulky.  It might be the arrangement inside or excess clothing; we will update the lists as we figure out what we can purge or any other tricks! Below are the items we share, see the HIS and HERS lists for clothing details.  ELECTRONICS – Canon Rebel – 17-50mm lens – 35mm fixed lens – Samsung S4 – iPhone 5s (lost day one, left in cab) – …

Picking our RTW Route

How did we decide which locations would make the cut? After several hours staring at Google maps on full zoom, we had to focus on what really mattered. In the end, we were able to accommodate a few must-haves, filled in with some unexpected stops that we are now really anticipating and are pretty sure we can afford it!

Our RTW Route

With only 1 international trip to India under our belts, our travel wish list is about a mile long. Thanks to budgets and schedules, narrowing this down was much easier than anticipated. Our route is focused on a few must-sees, long term stays in some of our favorite places and great culture/food!