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Biking “La Ruta de las Cascadas”

The Ruta de las Cascadas was our favorite adventure in Baños. We rented bikes for $5 each in the city and rode along the treacherous roadside. The path is downhill a significant portion of the ride. Although this provides a much needed break from hiking be sure that you test your brakes before accepting the first rental offered. I did and we rejected several before accepting two. Though cars, buses and 18-wheelers shared the road, they definitely made their presence known. They never failed to provide a “courtesy beep” as though we could not hear their engine cranking to get up and down the mountainside. The best part of or ride was through a one lane tunnel with no shoulder. The most peaceful part of our ride were the ciclovias free from vehicles. At one point we got to ride under the trickle of a waterfall. I would have parked my bike under the cold stream, but I had the canon in my pack, so I settled for a quick ride through. Agoyan Manto de …

Baños on a Budget

Baños is the adventure capital of Ecuador. There are so many excursions to choose from that highlight this city wedged between the beginning of the Andes and Amazon – rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping and 4-wheel adventures are common. However, we were in the early stages of a very long trip so we chose the inexpensive but very rewarding experiences.