About Us


At our 30 year mark, measured by your typical US standards, we were doing really well.  Dream apartment, Successful careers, Dream school year… but we wondered if there was more to life, a different perspective that we were missing out on. Determined to find out, we set aside a year to discover it. We hope you follow us as we document our adventure, its challenges and discoveries, and our transition back into the American Routine.


About Bekah

Bekah is the mastermind of the trip. She is responsible for the route, research and plotting of daily adventures, and finding delicious food. Bekah is putting a pause on daily fire drills and endless meeting invites while maintaining her passion for spreadsheets and project plans with a new twist as she pursues her love of traveling.


About Tonytony up top

Tony will record our accounts and tell the story through lens and pens (B will upload). He is the security detail, making sure we stay on path and will consume the delicious food. Tony is leaving the world of education after 6 years to also appease his wanderlust. This trip will allow him to bring global insight into the classroom.

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