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RTW Vacation? Two Weeks in La Mata, Spain

With limited vacation time in our careers, we chose to spend our travel time immersing ourselves in culture, nature and new activities. We had never taken a beach vacation prior to the RTW trip and since we tend to prefer mountains or urban settings, it wasn’t high on our list. However, 3 months into our trip we were more than ready for some time to just relax.

We spent 2 weeks in La Mata, Spain. This small resort town, about an hour south of Alicante is one of a string of small towns that thrive only a few months a year. We arrived in the shoulder of the shoulder season, experiencing an area of merely 10,000 inhabitants where only a month prior there would have been more than 100,000. We wanted slow and quiet and that is exactly what we got. One quiet, super sunny week enjoying the calm Mediterranean waters in almost complete solitude (we shared with scattered groups of local, retired, nude, leathery tanned friends). The following week brought several days of cool rain, but we took the time to plan our next steps, read, and catch up on the hours of Big Bang Theory that played on our UK cable in our Airbnb. Mixed weather comes with the late summer/early fall booking but it is more than worth it if you are looking for a low key beach experience. We will definitely try this again!

Pictures weren’t high priority but we were able to get a few with our Virb camera.

Morning chocolate con churros at the weekly market where we had to stock up because all the nearby shops were closed for the season.

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