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Quilotoa Loop Pt 1.5: Hostal Llullu Llama

Llullu Llama was phenomenal and exactly what we needed after our miscalculated hike. We took a quick tour of the grounds, then crashed on a couch in the common area, only to be greeted by two Frenchmen, a Dutchman, and a game of cards that they did not now the name of. They Frenchmen stated it was to be called “slip”. The premise is to have the lowest value of cards. You start off with 7 cards, you can only draw one, you may only discard one card, unless you have a pair, triplet, quadruplet, or straight suite of cards. Before your next withdrawal, you call ‘slip’ and if you have the lowest value, you acquire no points. We drank, had discussions about bread and cheese (with the French there is no winning) then went to dinner, where we had copious amounts of food and the discussions continued.
It was great talking about football, especially with the French who have so many rising talents. Dinner was sublime, the best food we had while in Ecuador. On their hike to Llullu Llama, the Frenchmen picked 700 grams of blueberries and insisted they be used for dessert. We were grateful and they cake the family made was superb. After dinner we were able to shower for the first time with water pressure and heat! Too exhausted to do anything else, we were off to bed.

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